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What we do ?

Grassroots Energy sets up Proprietary Biogas Digesters to process agro and animal waste

Farmers collect waste

High Quality animal feed

Veterinary Access

Best Practices

Instantaneous Soil Testing

Savings over Chemical Fertilisers

Organic Agri Inputs 

Small Scale Innovations 

convert digester output

to high value products


Organic Fertliser

Distributed through co-op

Distributed through energy partner

Grassroots Energy gives back to community

Agri Input Products






Our Support Network

Our Support Network

Waste to Energy Solutions

There are millions of people in rural India with limited or unreliable access to clean fuel. The vast majority are engaged in dairy or agriculture, their primary income generating activities. These farming activities have significant under-utilized agri or farm waste output. This waste can be processed into  a high quality clean fuel which can be used for cooking, power generation, transportation and other uses to improve the energy access. 


Grassroots Energy’s inclusive and integrated approach to the procurement and production of energy involves working directly with the communities to procure waste and generate value at the local level. 

Modular Pre Fabricated Digestors

We use modular pre-fabricated digester systems that ensure reliable and continuous gas production. The systems address temperature variations and can produce 150 to 200 cubic meters of biogas per day

Liquid Compost

A key aspect of building a sustainable biogas business is maximizing value from the effluent or run-off. Here we are creating value from the compost by inoculating the processed waste with specific bacteria for maximum effectiveness.

Inclusive Energy Access Model

Grassroots Energy’s circular economy approach results in social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities around the installations leading to sustained energy solutions.


Innovation at Small Scale

Proprietary Digesters

Multi Feed - uses Agro waste

Low Maintenance

Reliable & rugged

Small Scale - Modular

Enrichment Process

Proprietary Formulation

Boosts simple bio-sludge to super compost

Provides culture, micro as well as macronutrients

Packaged Liquid Compost

Sludge processed to make versatile Liquid compost

Can be sprayed or drip irrigated even on standing crop

Concentrated to transport easily

Smallest BioCNG Plant

Modular 100m3/day system

Super Efficient and Low Cost

Market Disruptive



Methane/Carbon Mitigation

Grassroots  Energy biogas plants avoid emission of tons of methane per year which 25x more potent than CO2 in global warming. Bio-methane is used to replace fossil fuels while bio-compost replaces chemical fertlisers magnifying the impact 100 times

Higher Income/Poverty Reduction

Small and marginal farmers see increased income with value for bio-waste and support on best practices for farming, animal husbandry and veterniary care.

Food Security

Replacing chemical fertlisers with high quality organic compost reduces agri input costs, improves soil quality, increases yield, reduces emissions due to fertliser production and produces food safe for human consumption

About Us

Grassroots Energy was founded in 2016 to solve energy access problems through the management and remediation of agricultural waste widely available in parts of the world where energy access is limited.

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